My devotional life with God!

With Christmas on its way, I would like to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. N that's His salvation, as well as resources to help me improve my relationships and stengthen my devotional life. My daily walk with God has strengthen and with the touch of HIS intimacy I am rejuvenated and felt very blessed! Its a kind of an awesome feelings now :0)

Went to a fascial with Rosalind at BODYWORKS. Wow! so relaxing and hey! You don't believe the world is so small that the therapist, Nancy was Oops! she said she was from 'Pulau Brani' and I was from 'Pulau Belankang Mati'(Sentosa). We shared so much of those were the days but she was from the younger generation, her mum may know me better. My uncle was selling pork to her grandma and sad to say they both were with the Lord. It was so good after the fascial massage!! I needed more Spa! Will work
on it!!

Had an enjoyable b/day lunch with Rosalind at Great Way City - "Italian"

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