You are All in All

Jesus is my all in all - Amen! HE gives me strength as I do not know where I got all my energy from everyday. Cooking and entertaining at the same time. I slept very little and got up as early as 5.30am...... 'Get back to sleep!!' But oops...couldn't sleep.

Instead I prefer to do my daily walk with God and draw strength from HIM, enough for the day! Yeah! Today is party time... going to make 'Popiah' and having it at Sean & Su's house. Maxim is going to Zoo with Sean, and gosh! he likes 'snakes' yak!!

Chop....chop.....lots of vegy to be done... any helper? Well you will sure to get one roll at least to try ya! Hee3! Yum...yum...yummy.......!

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