Are there Chickens in the Bible?

Of course, Both male and female. The rooster crows to remind Peter of his betrayal of Jesus (Matthew 26). And in Matthew 23:37, Jesus says that he (God) is like a hen gathering her chicks under her wings to shelter them.

So in this coming year of the rooster let us be reminded that we are very much like Peter. We need to take care not to betray Jesus by sins of commission or omission. And, as God is like the mother hen - loving and protective and compassionate, so we should be to those around us that need our help. These are those who need the protective wings of God and His people. So don't wait [press on] if you happen to see or meet people out there that needs Jesus or a kind word from you ya!

Rooster.... people are still very careful about eating chicken becoz of 'bird flu' but it is no joke if this is not being control then it will be even worst than the 'tsunami tidal waves' well....i think is the second coming of Christ soon!

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