Be wowed! - It's everybody's birthday

Interesting on the 7th day of Chinese New Year is everybody's birthday! In Chinese custom there is so many to follow. I guess the younger generation does not know what is all about, including me? Therefore on the 8th day it is a must to have 'Lo Hei' and Behold!

I always admired the Chinese restaurant waitress who has perfected the art of saying all the right things as she prepares your Yusheng.

Must have ingredients:-
Raw-fish - for increasing abundance. Salmon and ikan parang are popular. Sometimes, seafood like abalone and lobster are used.
Peanuts - for a house full of gold and silver.
Plum Sauce - for a sweet year.
Crackers - for wealth because these signify gold bars.
Lemon - for a fruitful year. It can be replaced with lime.
Oil - for a smooth glistening with wealth. Peanut oil, sesame oil or vegetable oil is used.
There is eight step which you can be a smooth talker this Chinese New Year.
1. Once the dish, with all its vegetables is placed on the table, greet everyone with 'gong xi fa cai' (Mandarin for "may you be prosperous").
2. Add the slices of raw fish and say "nian nian you yu" ("may you have abundance through the years").
3. Squeeze the lemon and say "da ji da li" ("good luck").
4. Add the peanuts, sesame seeds, oil, and say "wan shi ru yi" ("may all your wishes come true") or "cai yuan guang jin" ("may properity spread").
5. Add the pepper powder (red sachet) and cinnamon powder (green sachet), and say "hong yun dang tou" ("may good luck arrive now").
6. Pour the plum sauce and say "tian tian mi mi" ("may your life be sweet").
7. Add the crackers and say "pian di huang jin" ("may gold pile at your feet").
8. Invite the diners at the table to start tossing and say "yue lao yue qi, lao dao feng shen shui qi" ("may you reap overwhelming fortune").

Happy Lo Hei guys.

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