Girl Friday...oops!

Took my mum for her left eye cataract op as all my bros are making excuses they have to work. Well...well i then volunteer to bring her and spent a long afternoon at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). Phew! was so shocked to see so many pple all waiting in line like having an audition for some "idol" contest. Mum stayed over at my place for convenient as I have to bring her for review at 0745am and gosh! it is so difficult to get a cab from my house. I have to book a taxi and it took about 12 mins to arrive. Poor mum she has to stand for so long.

Arghz....another long 'Q' for review as all those who are operated came for review as well. There was a commotion at the dressing room as the nurse did not called according to the Q number causing so much fuss and upset many who went there as early as 6am. Glad Dr Alicia How said her eye op was successful. Mum was lucky as the doctor see her first instead before taking off her dressing and we didn't wait for that long...but!

See mum's one eye jack pic with her maid ninik (Yati.

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