LNY Shopping

Phew! it was crowded as usual despite of whatever time you go Chinatown. I guess people think alike that in the day probably is less crowded than night. The market was packed with shoppers all rushing to have a good buy of fresh prawns, seafood etc. Yack! it stings, the stingky water dripping everywhere when you get close to the store to ask and the floor is full of puddles. I hate going to Chinatown market but hey! you can see 'angmohs' there as well....hoping for good bargain I think. Sorry Sir, all the price has been increased. (Wrong place). They are "smart aleck" going there to buy large prawns (hey why are you guys rushing with the Chinese). We almost loose out to them when they said they wanted 20 large prawns when we were there at the same store. Thank God we managed to get one kg after them. Phew! I hate going around from store to store.....yacky! I want to get out as soon as possible.

We immediately head for home, but no....no taxis, this is the price to pay for not having a car, it is so inconvenient. Well we are getting our 'Picnic' early March I hope. Will post some pics later..... look out for LNY mood in Chinatown but I still didn't get all my cookies. Arghz....!

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