Meeting People

Yesterday I was at SGH waiting for the shuttle bus to the MRT. I met 2 ladies one younger than the other in the queue. The younger lady named Margaret was behind me and spoke with me. Then she asked me the direction to Serangoon Ave which the older lady said so To my surprised Margaret was a sales promoter and she immediately tried to introduce some organic food to the older lady for her knee cap pain. Oops! hey I too have the same problem so I just listened patiently, to my surprised she said that she is not going to have it operated as she trusted the Lord will heals her - Amen! I quickly recognised my sis in Christ. I told her that I too have this problem and was prayed always. We must have faith Aty and trust God's healing not just listening to doctor's advice. *Beam..beam* she agreed with me. Praise Be To God! Margaret stopped immediately and tried to be friend me by giving me her contacts. Hey so interesting she said she gain a friend ....Hee3!

Words can lift our spirits. Sometimes is good to give people a pat on the back when they deserve it. Compliment the child who does something well. Commend the single mother who regularly brings her children to church. Encourage the man who keeps helping others even though he receives little appreciation from them. Keep trying to please God and the people around you.

We also show that pride hasn't gained the upper hand in our lives when we praise others. A proud person is so preoccupied with himself that he doesn't notice what others do and has no desire to compliment them. it would encourage them. And we should do likewise. By finding pleasure in being commended, we allow others to exercise their gift of encouragement.

Hey know what Margaret compliment me saying I look very radiant and cheerful, hmmm...must be from God HE is with me!

Went to see my mum at Serene house and came back almost 10.45pm. I'm so tired....!

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