Oops! is so close.....to LNY

Oops! have not shop for anything for Chinese Lunar New Year. Ayioh! so much work especially spring cleaning, cooking etc. etc. Must be kiasu a bit tonight have to GO and stock up some food.

Reunion dinner is a must, thank God I escaped 3 years in a row without having to worry about shopping for CNY. Almost did it again this year but sorry no luck have to cancel our holiday due to one reason or the other. Be obedience for once Christine!

Hey! (where ever you are), everybody is packing Chinatown with so much to stock up for the LNY, the believe is "mam" -(Abundant Harvest) and will bring prosperity, 'Fa Cai" etc.

Hey! not bad I am doing well......friends are calling me to collect "pineapple tarts" (being compassionate for my dad just passed away). Doreen is asking me to collect "mandarin oranges" & "love-letters". Praise God! HE provides!

Anymore....anybody....please call!!

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