Reunion Dinner

Today is an auspicious day where all the Chinese will gather together for a reunion dinner. Everyone is so busy cooking their speciality or having dinner cuisine in hotel, restaurant etc. Come and join us in Chris's Cuisine.....

Tonight we are having ..... special Menu for our Reunion Dinner & Lo Hei

1) Fa Cai Yu Sheng with Sashimi
2) Pacific clams with lemongrass & ginger sauce
3) Fried Squid coated with salted eggs
4) Stir fry beef with spring onions & ginger
5) Ghor Hiang Roll
6) Brocolli with fresh scallops
7) Our renown "Hee Phew" Soup
8) Drunken Large Prawns
9) Jelly (specially made for CNY)

And Red wine .....Yam Seng.... HAPPY BLESSED CHINESE NEW YEAR (Gong Xi Fa Cai)

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