Sharing the Gospel

I was so burden to share the gospel with Nancy's mum, my Auntie today. I was so shocked to be called by Pastor Vic to be prayed for 'more power' hey! how did he know? He told me my name keep on flashing in his mind. Wow! that was scary, well I am so so blessed by God to be his chosen vessel.

When I called Nancy she told me her mum was admitted to SGH becoz of low sugar count and bed sore. I rushed to the hospital with her in the evening and share and pray with her. I can see she was touch by the holy spirit as she was crying and calling my name. God I am just doing your work and you will do the miracle.

Went to Chinatown with my second sis after seeing my auntie at the hospital. We had claypot rice and walk around chinatown buying some cookies. (see pics).

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