Fear Factor

Went to SGH to see Dr Tan for my knee cap problem. The X-rays shows that my right knee cap was quite bad and need to go for a minor op which takes about 10 mins and stay in hospital for 2 days. Dr Tan said he will cut a small hole and used a camera to see and wash out all the used cartilage to loosen the knee cap which is very tight now therefore I am having pain.

I was frozen and quite afraid this time when I heard of op as I won't be mobile for a while. "Hell break loose"..... I can't even answer him that I keep on asking him is it necessary. He told me is up to me if I find discomfort then do it! I was quietly asking for God's direction, and I told him I will consider and confirm with him in June as I am going to NJ for Mei's graduation end May.

He asked me to have a nice holiday then come and see me again.

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