Having Trouble...Mahjong Tonight?

Well this game suppose to be the best master mind game and keeping the mind active. 13,397 people are playing MahJong Quest right now. Mah Jong Quest Game Overview.

Three fearsome dragons are on the loose!
Could an ancient tile-matching game have summoned them? If so, the only way to break their curse and restore the Empire to its former beauty is to solve all the puzzles in Mah Jong Quest! ...so test your skills on MahJong Quest now....!

Click on two matching tiles to remove them from the board. Tiles cannot be selected if they are blocked on both the left and right sides, or if there are tiles on top of them.

Your goal is to remove the golden Yin and Yang tiles from the board before the timer at the top of the screen runs out. Clear these two tiles to move on to the next board.

Click the Undo button to return the most recently matched pair of tiles to the game board. Clicking again replaces the previous two tiles, and so on.

Ready to play? Select a mode of play above to get started.

I tell you I have not been playing at home but I have been playing with friends in Beijing. Any 'kaki' who wish to play with me, please call eh!

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