Women can changed the world

10 Most Powerful American Women
What is power? Who holds the most? These questions are impossible to answer definitively; power is too fluid, and opinions are necessarily subjective. But one thing is certain: Women today are in positions of greater power, in a wider variety of fields, than ever before.

Encarta pays tribute to 10 American women who are shaping the world today. And we're not forgetting the past: In honor of Women's History Month, we also compiled a list of 10 American women who changed the world.

Condoleezza Rice, United States secretary of state.
As national security adviser during George W. Bush's first term, Rice soon established herself as a trusted member of the president's inner circle. Her position in Bush's second term, as a wartime secretary of state, will cement her place in the history books.

But hey wait a minute, my God has the power to change the impossible - Amen!

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