Fool's Day

Hey, what's up with ya? Sure your Easter went colourfully exciting ‘n rolled with lots of fun with Easter chocs and eggs! Now I’ve got one BIIIG news for ya, though I don’t quite know how to tell ya this! @#%$!?...Well…ya see……I mean…..actually…....gosh…! I got a job!! at my age!! yeah!

Heck! Oh well, I’m in trouble!! Yesssss, U don't believe it, is so easy just to eat and eat that's my job. I realised how foolish I’ve been not to confess this before, but now that it’s impossible to do away with, I can gladly declare—yeah, I’ve found my waist line is growing fast!! THE one, supreme, unparalleled thing of my life is…relaxing, watching TV, reading the Bible n writing to my online pals! Hey…gotcha! April Fool! Hahaha… got u ya, huh?!? ;-) Ya must been thinking and gaping “how” “when” “where” “who” “for how long” ‘n more….. but relaaaax! I am enjoying my life and prefer to stay unemployed and feel unstressed! After all.... life is so short and like a 'vapour' so I think I deserves it. Ha..ha..ha! I cannot believe it myself!

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