Spring is here!

Direction for healthy living..... Hmm....mm!

Spring is here, and that means fresh vegetables abound. Here are healthy suggestions for your next trip to the grocer. Plus: Getting the most from your fruits and veggies. Learn what foods to toss, keep, and add to your diet. I always enjoy all these healthy stuff munching away like a rabbit but sometimes there is a little craving for other unhealthy food like snacks. Hee3!

Well have to stock up more healthy snacks instead to avoid feeling sluggish and looks good.... like Low-Fat list.

More Tips for Healthy Eating.... like:-
Whole Grains Really Are Goodness,
The Powerhouse Vegetables,
Things you Should Eat Every Day
Healthy Breakfasts instead of our local breakfast.
Is That Smoothie Really Healthy?....will give a try ya!

Hey! sounds like I am into a diet huh! No wonder all the slimming company couldn't recruit me, hee3!

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