Be Sensitive 2.....!!

We were all prayed to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Bong! off I'm down (always it seems) I am getting too afraid being so close or up close!

Anyway thou shall not hide if words were given by the Holy Spirit. Say it, do it or use it! (Just do it)!

After church went to Botanic Garden to listen to the SSO concert at 5pm. It was a brand new look on the stage after a 2 million upgrading. The sky was overcast and is going to rain!. I started to pray and trust God that he will move the clouds and hold the rain. Praise God :)..oops!.... only with slight rain. It's a pity if it pours as all the effort was put into this occasion for the public by SSO. Wish I had my camera.. Arghz!!

It was a lovely evening and so romantic when the rain comes, everyone was cuddling together under the umbrella but was a nice relaxing evening lying down on the ground and feeling so hee3!

Bringing my mum out for Hi-Tea tomorrow with my sis Serene and Jenny (being Public Holiday).

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