Farewell to our people's president

Everyone bid a fond farewell to our people's president. I was so sad and yet happy to be able to join in the one minute silence when I was at West Mall waiting for Joyce.

I saw the processions on the big screen and pple around me was also very emotional.
Papa kim Wee indeed are well loved and left a legacy of love and example for one and all to follow. Life is just simplicity that touches most of all.

I was very touched by the eulogy given by his granddaughters, Lim Hui Min and Natelle Wee about his achievements as an editor and a head of state and now the stuff of legend. Most of all is his 'Top 10 Love songs' for his wife kept in a special folder. Husbands who were presence were asked whether do they have a list of their wivies 10 favourite songs in a folder? That's a lesson one have to take from our President.... I wish my husband would!!

Goodbye Mr President! (sob...sob).

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