Lunch get-together

Yesterday brought mum out to HDB to sign the legal documents of her proceeding for her house. Met the head of the branch at Bukit Merah Mr L G Tan a very good looking and kind man. He showed us the lift from the carpark as mum could not go down steps. He is a very humourous guys too introducing himself to me as 'i am from the LG Corporation' The company used my name....for LG....haha!

Took her to Kippo for lunch with Serene & Jenny. Hey! surprised to see mum eating so much as she must be very very hungry or missing all the yummy dishes. We had a good time together catching up with those days!

Guys, I think this is the best time to ask mum about all those naughty things we did.... huh! We had a good laugh how silly we were being so innocence. Well time has changed and kids nowadays are super smart and intelligent.

Kids today are very spoilt with all the IT gadgets and also very demanding compared to our time we are so shy and 'kwai' leh!

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