Mother's Day

Why Mothers Are a Girl's Best Friend Who else will ever know us better, or love us more? Even as grown-ups, we crave their applause, their compassion, and their unending devotion. Well I am MY Girl's Best Friend!! My Mother, My Friend

These days, I call my mother every morning. It's our ritual, one that began after my father's death few months ago. Every time she answers, I'm struck by the sadness she is facing and the loneliness.

Staying in touch, letting one another know that another day is beginning and all is well -- no small thing anymore, in the world we live in. We are establishing our places, too: Whatever else I may be, I'll always be your daughter; whatever else you are, you'll always be my mom.

We took her to Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant for lunch...Mum is 83. (see pics).

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