As promised!

Ya know, sometimes a week’s too long to get back to ya ! With so much to do through the week, I sometimes long to catch the express train to ‘Relief’ station, to talk to ya that is ! Are ya smart enough to handle ‘em all ?” Well, what do I have to say to this ! The trash at desk gets bigger ‘n bigger every day. To top it all, the laundry!!

Hey, im back to my desk to blog ... but oops! where to start, lost for awhile and do not know where to begin. Anyway my cough was a nasty one which makes me so tired after a day's coughing and especially at night i am like in a 'SOS' orchester coughing whole night thru and it disturbs my sleep and everyone. Ayioh! really suffering and i hate it! Arghz..... my worst encounter is to cough!

I know my folks have been praying for me therefore I am strengthen so much. Praise God! Will get back to u soon as my mind is totally blank!

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