Hi I'm back

Wow! have so much to share but oops I got Princeton virus and everyone felt sick one after another with cough & cold.

Hi there ! How have ya been ? Hope you’re enjoying yourselves. Guess what I was doing through the week ? Well…er…ahem… I am sick! Yeah I know you're gaping at what ya jus' read or ya must--been wondering if your eyes are gone for a toss, but then (sadly but truly) you read it right. I should be on 'sick leave' whom I couldn’t escape no sick leave for motherhood!. Hence the ordeal. ‘N to make things heavier on my heart.. no news yet! stay cool ya! On this optimistic ‘n happy note, let me tell ya about the week’s share of fun…... when I fully recovered.

Will fetch back s’more fun and blog for ya next week. Till then…

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