NDP Preview

Hey I am so proud of Singapore of what it is today! All credit goes to LKY and his team and not forgetting all the hard work of all the participants. Pat your back guys!

Went for Hi-T with my ex-neighbours at Raffles Market Place and adjourn for the NDP Preview. Ah well it was raining in the morning and oops the sky cleared but still a little drizzle, but our Funpack is full of things to tie us all the way. Hmm... great effort done for the parade. Poor participants have to wait for so so... long for their turn and some getting restless and even tired!

3 Cheers for Singapore for the 40 years Birthday.

Hey my blogger friends, sorry I have not been blogging so often as my dig cam is still not ready and I am lazy too after my pc broke down. Pls don't complaint leh! will try to blog more often. Thanks for being my blogger friends.

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