Limited Time Only!!

No 1 Mount Rosie
Antique bed
All that is left mess!!
Galang guni men clearing the mattress

Wow! you do not believe how we went through a 'treasure hunt' NOT for money but for some sentimental value of 'Khong Guan' (happened to be my son-in-law's grandfather! Oops, the house was sold and everywhere was in a mess. We were looking for 'scrolls' and pictures of him. We have only 1 day to search whatever we could as the completion date is 18 Oct 05. Limited time and managed to salvage some. Phew!!

We tried getting 'galang guni' to buy some furniture but none of them were interested except the mattress. (hmm.. beware probably you are sleeping on this mattress)! They sold to the Hotel in Indonesia. Hey! didn't know that 'garang guni' have standards nowadays, they only take things that is valuable.

I only wish I could have the money to buy over this property and re-build again. Sad to part this No. 1 Mount Rosie!! (sigh!)

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