Save by HIS Hands

Last week I almost had a fall at my front door staircase. I loose my balance and was saved by the grace of God's hands. I could felt his presence and recovered the fright instantly.

I didn't realised that until I heard from my cousin that her hubby had a fall 3 weeks ago and passed away. He had a concussion and was admitted to SGH for an operation around 3am but was in coma for almost 3 weeks and passed away on 29 Nov. When I received the news I was so sad and couldn't sleep that night. On the other hand I was praising God for saving my life and something worse could have happened to me.

What will it be like when we felt the Lord's presence... His Peace and Trust. I cannot comprehend how brilliant and awesome the Lord's glory is until I got the news.
Our loving Father is watching and waiting to be our guardian angel. Praise God!

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