Spirit of Christmas

Group pics of the grassroots
PCF's Tree at Boon Lay
Wish Tree done by Shunling & Me
WEC members with MP

Phew! I am glad that I have done the Christmas Tree just in time for our Christmas Nite at Boon Lay CC. We had a Christmas Celebration with the guest-of-honour MP Mdm Ho Geok Choo. I have the honour of taking a picture with her and the group of the grassroots members.

On top of all the rush and time spent I was rewarded with a lucky draw. I was given a gift vouchers in time to get our very own 'Turkey, Ham & Logcake' for our family Christmas traditional Celebration.

My project has not ended - I have to finish all the wish cards and buy 200 gifts with another additional 50 gifts for the elderly for 'lucky draw' after the health screening on 31st. This year I am wrapping up my countdown with the residents of Boon Lay which I yet to experience. I heard that the road will be closed to usher into the New Year for the residents of Boon Lay.

It was indeed a spirit of satisfaction to share and give back my time to the society.... which was always my wish and dream!

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