Chinese New Year Day

Air Terjun (Waterfall at Kota Tinggi)
People bathing at the Waterfall
Ramley Burger
1388 koi


This year our lifestyle seems to change a little with the 'year of the dog'. We did things differently like having reunion dinner out for the first time. On Chinese New Year day we went to 'Desaru' instead of 'Malacca' as the shops were all closed.
We drove to the 'Waterfall' and lots of people were bathing there. We had another seafood dinner at 'Restoran Kimdo' K3-113 Jalan Ibrahim Sultan JB near Eden and Shao ended with a bite of 'Ramley Burger' (Try Only - Yummy!)

We were jammed at the causeway to and fro resulting to a longer day. It was so quiet everywhere in Malaysia and even in Orchard Road on the eve of Chinese New Year for the first time I saw the whole street of Orchard Road was so deserted... I do not believe my eyes. It is our Chinese Tradition that everyone must go home and have reunion dinner but with this younger generation most of them prefer to have their reunion at restaurants (which is fully booked like Lei Garden). Went for a movie at Plaza Singapura for 'I Am Not Stupid Too'. It was a more emotional movie and was funny than the first one.

Take a look at some pixs I took in Malaysia.

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