Foursome 'Lo Hei'

Shark Fin Soup
Lo Hei
Foursome Janice, Kamell, Me & Shiong

Went for foursome 'Lo Hei' at Long Beach Restaurant at IMM yesterday. The restaurant were packed even on a weekday. It was so noisy as every table does the 'Lo Hei'. Shouting and cheering! Hey for those who does not know what is the meaning of 'Lo Hei' it means to usher in Good Luck for the Chinese New Year. I would rather prefer blessings of joy, peace, good health and friendship.

After that we discovered our hidden talent and head home for a game of 'mahjong' It was a fun-filled evening having friends over and also enjoying a game which seldom happened.

Good night it ended about 1.30am

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