Year of the Dog - Woof.... Woof.....

Kamell and Me
Lo Hei
Shiong & Darren
Pie Tee cups
Nian Nian Yu Yi

Wang Wang - that is the Year of the Dog!

Believe it or NOT LNY came and going...! Today is the 9th day of LNY till 15th Day on 12th (Chap Go Mei).

Had an open house on Sat for my family's get-together. We had a 'kueh Pie Tee' party. Wow! is a pain to do the 'pie tee' cup it took one minute to make a cup. See pix how uncle made that cup, have to treasure each mouthful guys!

Shiong's family and Kamell's family came except her poor hubby Mike has to work. All of them really enjoyed and we had 'Lo Hei' too!

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