Getting into the Bite Again!

yum! Lobster
getting the first bite of lobster
Bar & Billard Room at Raffles
Ros and behind is Kimsan (gotcha)

It has been almost a year when we last ate 'Lobster' in Boston. Yesterday was another treat at the 'Bar & Billard Room' at Raffles. There was a spread of seafood including 'lobster'.... and some other quality food. Wow! the room was packed with people for lunch. Wonder is because of the 'lobster'? Anyway we had a good time enjoying the buffet lunch with our ex-neighbour Dan and Ros. It was a foursome again. It has been a while that we are able to catch up with those were the days.

I thought that was a good pass time to be retired and lunching together. All of us have eaten our fill and I am very sure that I am not having dinner.

Fancy some love for good buffet should go Raffles to give a shot!

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