Guess who's here?

Elena, Bernet, Sumei & Julie

Sumei's friends from states came on Monday and staying over for 4 nights in our humble nest 'HO TEL'. On Thursday night they will be heading for Bangkok for the weekend and Koh Samui. Back to 'HO TEL' on Wednesday night before leaving for states on Thursday night.

Bernet, Julie, Elena and Daniel are here in Asia for the first time. They are enjoying every bit of it. Trying out our local hawker food and fruits. Last night we took them for seafood at Jumbo and it was 'chilli licking good' for the chillies crabs and many other dishes.

This morning took them to the heartlander's HDB in Yishun market. They were amazed to see our lifestyle at the market. Seeing our very clean and green city was their first impression feeling so good already. They went to do the 'duck' tour today - hope they will enjoy with the humid weather.

Tomorrow they are going to the zoo and then to 'zouk' for the night out.

Life in Singapore is not over yet without a 'Singapore Sling' tonight!


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