Lunch with Shirley at Wah Lok Restaurant in Carlton Hotel

Shirley n me holding the quilt Linda sew. Linda has stitched this beautiful quilt for Sophie with love to celebrate her birth but oops... it went astray and never arrived so Linda sew this second quilt for Sophie. This one we are holding is the new quilt Linda sew and send through Shirley when they met in Japan. Awesome!

The spread we ordered from left - steamed carrot cake, roast duck, fried bean curd, steam prawn dumpling, baked BBQ bun

relaxing with a cup of cappuccino at starbucks

feeling very relax ... Hmmm!

Sophie is so proud to show her new quilt ... Thank you aty Linda for your love and concern :D

Wow! see how Sophie enjoy lying down on her beautiful quilt, she was so cute and cuddle immediately I gave to her and she said is for "cold...cold" she knew is a blanket.

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