Those were the Days!

On Sunday on my way to church I saw these chicken and roosters at Henderson Road. What a rare sight and really really brought back those were the days - kampong days! (I enjoyed those days living in a kampong) which is gone now! Sob....sob!

When we were young my parents rare chickens, I remembered that when the chicken lay an egg I will quickly rush to pick the egg and loved to hold on my palm because is still warm. We made our own garden and grow 'chye sim', 'kang kong', 'long beans', 'spring onions', 'chilli padi'. Fruits like pomegranate, guava, papaya, pineapple trees and many others - (is all organic and FOC). We were all so spoilt having all these veggies and fruits at the door steps not realising that nowadays we have to pay so much for organic stuff! Wow!

My father used to put a man-made net and put broken white dishes as bait to catch fishes and huh! we got fresh groupa, red snapper, sea bass, angel fish, small baby sharks and many type of fishes which were caught. My father will take a boat out in the open sea to look and hook up his catch.
So I stop literally eating fishes bought from the market cos is not from sea water and not very ... fresh yuki is so smelly!

chicken & white roosters on the loose!

Who is the owner I wonder?

These are what we plant during those days like pomegranate, pandan leaves, and a range of greenery .....

And do you know how to crack a pomegranate? Simply hold in front of the door hinge and close the door towards you. It cracked and yummy is so delicious and juicy to eat one seed at a time! Now you hardly see it in supermarket but it costs a fortunate to buy it in Cold Storage whenever they have. Is very good to add into salad!

new housing board and look at the sign!

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