Tsunami - Killer Waves on 26 December 2004

In the News 8:21am, Wed Dec 29 - Death toll from Asia tsunami climbs to 52,000
Looting seen in Indonesia; thousands of homes underwater.....

• Tidal wave derails Sri Lanka train, kills 800
• Celebrities among victims of tsunami

Help are pouring in all over the world. People are very compassion and generous.

It is so so .... so sad how we could be wiped off just in seconds. What is Life?? Well this is the time to reflects on GOD, how merciful HE is to those who are saved and HIS protection hands upon us. Amen!

In fact this New Year Eve everyone should NOT be celebrating but to reflects and mourned as a Nation for the Tsunami's victims.

3 mins....Silence!!!
for the Tsunami's victims.

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