Hello Bali.....!

I set off from home for four days to Bali. I was a millionaire overnight after I went to change my money. Phew! so much to carry but well... soon it will be gone, haha!
We spent two days in 'Ubud' and after checking in the Balinese Hotel in the afternoon we quickly head for the "Babi Guling" which only opens from 12 noon to 4pm and is a 'must try' dish. Yaks... I do not like the taste! (is one of the local dish) and is so popular that all the tourists will go there and have a try. At night we went to see the "Legong Dance" which was very traditional and worth seeing.

The following morning we hired a taxi and went to many places to tour around and see the mountains of "Baru" and "Agung" etc. Ended off with a stressful Balinese Full Body Message because I am facing a baby 'chameleon' which I am so afraid of....yee!

We then moved on to 'Melia Benoa' a beach resort at Nusa Dua. Didn't really enjoy here as we did not participate in the sea sports, so just spend our walk along the beach to 'Conrad' resort (which is the grandest and new). On the first night we took a taxi to "Kuta" to see the "bombed" area at Popping Lane but oh no! we miss the turn. Anyway we enjoy a good Indonesia dinner there.

The grand finale was wrapping up with "Asian Buffet" dinner accompanied with Balinese Cultural Show at Menega Restaurant by the beach. Oops! it is too windy and the food gets cold immediately which I did not enjoy at all.

Opportunity knocks! Had a pic with the Balinese dancers.

See pics below for more insight!

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