Father's Day

When I was a kid, my dad was a boatman. His territory was across the stretch of water between Jardine Steps and Sentosa. My earliest recollections are of sitting in the boat with him, driving me to school and work eventually. We would take the boat ride sometimes with other passengers on board. My most vivid early memory is one I talked about until the day he died on 9 January 05 -- stopping in between other sampans and I have to jump across in order to get on land especially when is low tide. That moment was fun and it makes me feel like a 'tomboy' which was the best piece of memory in my life...it triggers wonderfully warm memories of our time together. I really miss my father...it makes me cry now....sob..sob.

Today is our children's turn to celebrate with their dad and he simply wants to eat his humble 'fish soup' or 'pork hog'. The children felt that he desires more and wanted to bring him to 'Waruku' (Japanese - yum) but he said is expensive. So we ended up going to Safra, 'Halley's Cafe'(which tastes 'sucks') it is all my fault for recommending as it is by the pool) so one can understand why? Dad had 'fish & chips' instead. Last night we took him out again for his favourite 'steam crabs'. That makes him a happy man! :0)

Let us celebrate ‘n reciprocate the love, care, support ‘n protection that fathers give us with such an open heart... and not forgetting our "Heavenly Father"

To all out there "Happy Father's Day"

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