How far am I ?

Where am I?? Couldn't believe this nasty bug making me so ill!!

I don't even wish to blog at all or rather my mind gone 'bonkers'. Okay let's talk of my encounter yesterday at SGH.

Well folks I have gone to my specialist doctor yesterday to review my kneecap minor op but hooray! God is good HE is my healer. Amen! Dr Tan said to review me in a year's time as my kneecap seems okay and holding. Praise God.

I actually read with fear of the kneecap replacement but obviously not for me at my age!! For kneecap major op, the skin will be push to one side, then the used cartilage and bone will then be saw off and replace with a 'metal spacer' and the skin pull back to cover the bone and fused with staple or stitches which most doc will used staples for convenience as the scare is very long. Ounch!!

No escape as many will have this degeneration problems! Hey guys start taking calcium and do lots of exercise to prevent this to occur. Only a piece of good advice....hee3!

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