Getting my orientation right!

Yesterday went for a swim, sweat pouring down my face and back. Could it be the weather or me recovering? Finishing the swim I walked to the TV room and Ahh, I thought. I'm alone, and it's wonderful. Simply being with God in the midst of his creation, was, to me, a little piece of heaven.

However, my picture of heaven is flawed if it includes only God and me—I am but one part of the body of Christ. Hence, in my time alone, I prayed about my place in this body and asked God to fill me with his love, compassion, and wisdom so I could pour into others.

We all know it's important to encourage others and find ways to make them feel significant — but how does this apply in the workplace or somewhere?

Reflecting back on how I shared Christ with my father was like so easy after a long battle with him. Was it what God wants to use me as a vessel for this ministry I asked.... but juz as I was going into this deep thought with God....someone came in and I was disturbed.

Well....I always believe God has a purpose for everything. Will see ya!

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