Aspiration....for God!

Having and living with Christ I have more to learn and yet wait upon HIS calling to be HIS servanthood. Last Friday 15 July was a day to learn from AGCians that many have aspiration in each life with God. Mine was definitely not a coincidence as God's holy spirit is very close to me whenever HE call me to do HIS work, instantly I responded to his calling like sharing his gospel with the unsaved. It's so amazing how when I shared with my dad about Christ and his answer was 'NO' all the time and see how when it is in God's time everything falls in so easily. I was so glad to have brought my dad and aunt to Christ. Hey...Why God is asking me to do these to many older folks, I do not know why but I believe he has a purpose and will reveal to me in His time.

I am glad that I lead my father and mother-in-law to the Lord as well. I remembered when my mother-in-law was hospitalize in SGH, I was also sharing to an old lady next to her bed about the gospel and she was very touched. It is very sad that she do not have anyone visiting her which she felt very broken hearted to share with me. I could see when I asked, tears well up in her eyes. I told her not to worry about what will happened as tomorrow will take care of itself.(Matthew 6:34). When she was discharged I follow up to visit her at the old age home till she went home with the Lord. I thank God for his gift of evangelism but I prayed God will fill me with more gifts as I gladly bow to him.

Hey last night when i was in Boon Lay CC, another elder lady came forward to ask me are you a Christian and she said I want to become a Christian, straight away I said 'Welcome to the Family'. Do you want to come to my church? but she asked me which church i went before. Wesley! immediately she asked how to go. I told her the direction and she left in a hurry to attend a wake. Well Lord, I will follow up with her, and again I think is not a coincident, YOU have a purpose for me.

Guys, will keep you posted ya!

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