Im back...yeah!

Our PC is back hopefully is working good now. Haven't been blogging for sometime and do not know what to say.

Btw yesterday brought my mum to visit Su's house with my sister and niece. Our plan is to bring her to Sentosa for her to recollect some fond memories..but hey she changed her mind. hey... do u know I was staying in Sentosa b4 when I was young with my parents until resettlement in 1987. It's so strange that now development is going on for houses, condo, and IR etc. Hey why all these changes? when we were there having a world of our time with 'kampong' lifestyle. My cousin was telling me why not we purchase 2 semi-D and stay together again. Those were the days! It is going to be different...firstly can't afford, secondly it will never be the same again living with simple life. Will see how it goes!

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