Big News!!

It's incredible how last weekend everyone was so touched by the NKF's charity show by the Media Corp's artistes who help to raise millions of dollars for the patients. Hey where did the money gone? Ah well in the ST the CEO is forced to step down with his group of Directors leaving for the new management to run. Hope is transparent after a lesson learned.

I was also so touched by the patients that I donated but now I felt like a 'sucker' like throwing money to the wrong channel. The poor patients must be very shocked although some are so appreciative, yet they were worried that many people withdraw their pledge to the NKF and their support is no longer there.

Where the world is heading? "Money is the roots of all evils"! Right!

ps My PC is still down but I am blogging at the Hello shop while upgrading my sim card. Oops!

Cheers guys....:0)

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