London Blasts

One minute all the Londoners were cheering the good news of hosting IOC in year 2012 and the 'BOMB' went off the next morning. I can't believe my ears when my friend told me in the swimming pool. Lately i received a call saying that 4 bombs went off, my heart goes to the victims. It's horrendous such things happened. I like Tony Blair as he is like a 'father' character who quickly left the G8 and flew to England to say a few concern words for the lost victims. So far 52 people have been confirmed dead and about 700 injured in the bombings. How sad...!

Ah well where are we heading this world now? News...and more news everywhere...!

Hey i have to go now as i am using mei's laptop to blog. Will get back once our pc is done, still in servicing. Arghz.........!

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