God's annoiting !

Wow! last night's meeting at AGC was so awesome. Su did a very good job on the worship and the song of praises was very touching. Many Agcians were touched by the power of the holy spirit. Later when Iris shared a song on 'Alabaster Jar' it was even more annoiting that many fell on their knees and weep. Hey! you could see that 'baby' weeping too! Haha...!

Joyce preached the expectation and preparation for God is how 'True'. No matter what, we have to always have expectation and preparation for everyone and everything and NOT forgetting to welcome our King of Kings! Amen! God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. If we accept adversity, Enduring every pain, Then we will learn what we should know; Our grief will turn to gain.

You don't believe this 'Cinderella' came back almost 1.45am for the first time alone but err... with the church group for supper. We went to Evans Road for the new opening of the 'Prata Cafe'- Oops 'O' rating (sorri la) high expectation lor!! for the food and all the fried stuffs were closed for the day but environment was 'not bad' open space with so many younger generation hanging out there. Wow! nice catch for the younger generation market. Hmm...mmm. Anyway Cheryl likes the openness.

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