Mid Autumn Festival

traditional lanterns
Hello Kitty Jumbo Plane lantern
Design Mooncake Box
lovely box for mooncakes
the fillings inside - yum!

Sunday, September 18th, when the moon is at its fullest, Asians around the world celebrate by gazing at the harvest moon and enjoying mooncakes. The mid Autumn Festival is but one of the many activities happening around the Asians and the Hotel. The celebration is the long awaited mooncakes. Each mooncake is made from the freshed ingredients and crafted individually with 'salted egg' 'lotus', 'durian', 'red beans', 'yam' and even 'ice-cream' packed in different design boxes. It goes very well with a cup of chinese tea.

Yeah! managed to capture pics of the kiddy lanterns at my neighbourhood shop. (see above).

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