Time for a break

Scallop Ramen
Rosemary & Me
VW Who's Dream Car ?

Yesterday was my bestfriend, Rosemary's birthday. We went to have lunch at Far East Plaza for Scallop Ramen... yum it tastes so delicious after eating 'popiah' over the weekend. (see pics).

We even go for the best rojak recommended by Diana on the 5th level, 'Robert's Rojak', there was a line and we decided to go later. Aiyah! forgotten to take a pic. Anyway for Rojak lovers you could go and try and have a GO!

We went to shop and shop as Rosemary has so many discounts like 50% off from G2000 and Body Shop 20% for her b/day month. Wow! end up I bought all the stuff from Body Shop... hee3! We promise to go again on my birthday. Another good break away from the hetic lifestyle.

See that Wow! 'VW car'! Anybody's dream car??

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