Sweet sauce
peanuts, chillies, beansprout & chinese pasley
the finished products of all the mixed veggies

Yesterday spent the whole day preparing 'popiah' Cooked two big pots.
(ie - mixed all the vegetables together with belly pork and prawns) then other garnishing like the peanuts, chillies, sweet sauce, chinese pasley, chinese lettuce, boiled eggs), yum....yummy every roll went into the mouth.....Hmmm!
Hey! getting the popiah skin is a pain in the neck have to go all the way to Geylang Bahru instead of always buying from Joo Chiat which is so expensive (just paying for the skin), they make tons of money over the skin, hahaha! (Joke aside).

We end up finishing one smaller pot, I was too tired to eat only ate 2 rolls. Had 2 glasses of Norton Estate, Hawkes Bay Chardonnay from New Zealand (1996) wine which really took away all my exhausation. Tomorrow we are having another round with Su & Sean to finish the other bigger pot. Yuk! the skin was too dry after keeping in the fridge and it tear so easily.

See pics for some ingredients - ayah! forgotten to take early until almost finished.

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