Service Attitude

How can we have 'Good Service Attitude' ?? During the National Day Rally our PM stressed so much to improve on 'Service Attitude'. Let me have a say.... In our society children are so spoilt by lived-in maids that they became so attached to them. The parents depend so much on the maids nowadays becoz of career that they substitute money for love. I noticed the maid have to even pour a cup of water for them on request. This results to bad manners but just shouting around to have things done! They have forgotten to even say 'Thank U' and most of them are unable to do simple chores, so??? what U expect of them??

I have observed at the service counter how children behaved. They were not even taught 'courtesy begins at home' and shouting to their maid freely 'Oiy' which is happening in public places too! Their parents were around and didn't even teach them to say sorry or have forgotten to teach their children manners.

So how can we bring up children to live with Better Service Standards in the near future?? If 'manners does not begins at home'??

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