Lin Shiao's Variety Show

Lin Shiao
Complimentary tickets

Last night went to see a variety show at the Singapore Conference Hall. Hey you guys won't know who he is, no clue I beg U. Gaaa! He is our time idol but I am not his fan ya! Oops! Just heard his songs during our days. Well I support him as I got two complimentary tickets.

Wow! He still looks so good despite of his age. His voice is still very powerful and many of his fans supported him with flowers and 'Hong Boa'. He is doing very well with his fans and many aunties.

Ayioh! he came down from the stage and shake my hands as I was sitting on the front row. Luckily I am not crazy over him otherwise will NOT wash my hands. Hee3!

See his pics (perhaps u know him).

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