My BOY turns 21!

Cake from AGC
Friends & Family at BBQ Bash
Birthday cake from Mom & Dad

It's a BBQ Bash! Glad that all my children turned into adulthood. Today my son turned 21 but he is still my BABY. As far as I am concern all my children are still my baby until I die...The bonding is Inseparable! (no manner how they will come back to us, right!). So we have done our part by taking care of them when they are young but now they have to look after us as we grow older.

Life is a cycle I often watch to see real-life examples of ordinary individuals who are now living extraordinary lifestyles. Now our children will starts another generation of lifestyles for their children. It's so amazing to watch how the life cycle is taking place! After giving three children to adulthood, I can appreciate the concern parents have over proper arrangements for their children.

Wow! he is doing very well with double celebration. One from AGC Church.

Look at Shao's 'hamburger patti' wow! its awesome everyone said is "delicious n yummy!" soon he will take over BurgerKing. Hey! ours taste 'siok' coz is weighwatchers mince beef. As usual he is the best chef when BBQ is concern. He is doing very well today, he received lots of 'hong bao' as birthday gifts. Hope he is able to keep for raining days!

Take a look at all his pics (sorri the hamburgers refused to be posted):0(

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