Turning One Today!

Wow! how times flies... and today is my 1st anniversary posting my BLOG! I was under estimate by many who was so surprised that I have a 'BLOG'. Haha! Hey! U people out there age has no bearer to do things you want. I am still young at heart and capable of being active. Don't think Aty is 'Ah Soh'! I am doing gym as well and swim three times a week, How about that huh!

I am currently doing volunteering work at MPS (meet the people session) and I was asked to spearhead a 'latchkey' programme by the MP. I was also recruited to the WEC (Woman Executive Committee)- 'Ni Qiang Ren' Oops! I have to give a GO to proof my passion. Never say DIE! Team work is the key to success, right! Will keep the fire burning. I am now asked to be incharge of the monthly MPS meeting as well and organised refreshments, and Groundwork for Relationship Image! hmmm! That's how I keep myself so active for the time being.

Buwa-Ha! Retirement isn't the end of life, it is the beginning. One can always grow old gracefully and be active. Our role model is our LKY who is still heading our country, I salute him who works so so hard for Singapore even at his age. He is such an honourable man and we owe so much to him for making Singapore today! I think we should recognise his hard work and passion for Singapore while he is still alive rather wait till he dies then everyone started to talk so much of him. Do U agree? Where and how shall we start, any brainchild? I would loved to dedicate this to him. Any takers?

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