Sentosa .... My Home Town!

Mdm Ho Geok Choo President SHRI
Sponsorship Signing Ceremony
CEO Daniel Metzger, Sentosa

Those were the days that I lived in Sentosa with my parents from the day I was born until I got married. It was also known as the 'YEO' Island. All of the families there have the surname of 'YEO' and we were like a BIG family in that Island. Most of them lived a humble life by independently owned a 'sampan' and fetch passengers to and fro from 'Pulau Blankang Mati to Jardine Steps (now known as WTC). Time has changed!

Yesterday I went for SHRI Sponsorship Signing Ceremony. Ayioh! I couldn't spot my house. It is beyond my recognition after all the developments. Wow! what a transformation. We tour the 'Images of Singapore' and took a ride on 'Sky Tower', it was a beautiful paranomic view of the island.

Imagine if we didn't shift out probably I am a Millionaire by now. Arghz...!! The resettlement came and all the 'YEO's' were scattered everywhere in the main land. The chain has been broken, there is no more unity any more like in the Island, we were all so co-operative.

Buwa-ha..hahah! We were tricked to sell our property for 'peanuts' I remember the compensation were only S$500/- per bedroom.
What happen? No one came to our rescue as we were all so ignorant of legal matters and (being kampong dwellers) we do not know the value of that property. Imagine I could not even afford to buy a property in Sentosa now!!
Hey! maybe the 'Title Deeds' is still in my dad's name but my dad has passed away. (sigh!).

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